Fastpass reservations for other people

I am making our fastpass reservations tomorrow. We are staying on Disney property. My brother and sister in law will be joining us for 1 day to the MK. They live in Florida and will not be staying on Disney. My plan is for them to give me their ticket numbers and link their tickets to my account, under their names. Tomorrow when I make the reservations I will make fast pass reservations for them on the day they will be joining us. I just want to make sure this is going to work. My concern is that they are not staying on Disney and somehow the Disney system will recognize this and not let me make their fastpasses. Can anyone confirm this will work, if not what have other people done in this situation. Thanks

This worked for me last year but reports this year have been it no longer works. I think the loophole has been closed :disappointed: you can still give it a try! MDE is always doing wacky things.

Where are you staying and how many people are already in your room? Can you add them to your reservation for that day (even though they aren’t physically staying there)? It will cost you a little more as Disney charges extra for more than 2 adults in a room but it’s a possible solution.