Fastpass Reservations Cancelling on-site stay


If you stay onsite you can reserve fast passes within 60 days of arrival and 30 days for offsite. What is the impact to my fast passes if I cancel my onsite reservation and stay offsite? For example, if I make fast pass reservations on day 60, cancel my hotel on day 15 and stay off site? Fast passes cancelled too?

Thanks in advance!

If you’re within the 30 days, your fastpasses are safe!

Thanks! Seems like a good trick. Book onsite hotel on day 60, reserve fast passes and dining reservations and then cancel onsite hotel reservations on day 15

Could work. Just remember ADRs start at 180

Was hoping for an update on this issue. We have a reservation booked and secured our fast passes at the 60 day mark but a GREAT opportunity has come up for an offsite resort with family. I am afraid to modify my onsite resort (we would still be there for the first night so we would not be canceling…just changing) because I don’t want to lose our fast passes. We are less than 30 days until our trip and did not do a package…it is a room only reservations. Our park tickets were bought separate and linked to the account. Did you lose your fast passes? Anyone else have experience with this?

I was in your situation. We had an onsite hotel reserved and had made ADRs and FPPs. My parents then offered us the chance to use their timeshare points offsite for free. I couldn’t turn down free lodging so we canceled our onsite hotel about 3 weeks before the trip. We did not lose our FPPs. Keep in mind we only had a room booked (we have APs) so it was not a package.

No experience with this.

But I think you’ll be OK within the 30 day window. I have seen that people get warnings about losing them, and I think that with the recent clamp downs on some loopholes, the worry is that they could enforce this if they wanted to.

I’m sure if it started happening, we would see it reported somewhere on the forums, and it would soon spread to most other forums, including TP.