Fastpass+ Questions

My FP+ is tomorrow and I’m in the last minute panic so hoping you can ease my nerves.

  1. Does it still work to expire a Tier 2 before a Tier 1? On one of my EP days I really only want to ride one Tier 2. So my plan was to schedule a Tier 2 I would let expire at 9 am, a Tier 2 I would ride at 10 am and my Tier 1 at 11 am to allow the possibility of additional Tier 1 FP+ later in the day.
  2. At a tiered park, if you don’t want a Tier 1 fastpass are you able to get more than your initial two Tier 2’s or can you only get more if you have used a Tier 1. (This is more a curiosity question than one of actual need. We are doing EMM at HS so we don’t really need a Tier 1 that day. But we probably also don’t really need more than two Tier 2’s).
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  1. If you don’t want a tier 1 FP, you can book 3 x tier2 FPs instead. No need to book a tier 1 if you don’t want to.

  2. I think that is OK, to let an earlier tier 2 FP expire. But if I was there in time, I would muyst the in anyway. Just in case there was a glitch and it didn’t drop off MDE.

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I do not know for certain, but you can always tap in and not do the ride. and modify your next pass as soon as you tap.

Yes, I’ve found it is safer to tap away the tier 2 FP then trust they expire.

Found this out the hard way when we were trying to get a Soarin FP and i ended up carrying DD and my bands to figment and nemo to allow for another Tier 1.

Apparently I was on a lucky/unlucky roll. Both the FP i had set to expire for that day ended up giving any time tier 2 use FPs