FastPass+ Question

Tomorrow makes it 60 days to my check-in date, so I’m trying to get all my ducks in a row for when I choose my FPPs. This will be my first time, so I’m a little nervous about it. :flushed:

I’ve thoroughly read the instructions “How to Make FastPass+ Reservations,” but I was a little unclear on one of the steps. I’m sure this will all make sense when I’m actually making the reservations, but I thought I’d check in advance just to be on the safe side, as I don’t want to have any unwanted surprises. :frowning:

In the section that discusses how to make changes to the FPPs, after clicking on “View Details” for the particular FPP in question, the page says, “Select either ‘Change experience’ if you would like to pick a different attraction or click ‘Select New Time’ and pick a new time from the drop down menu as shown in Photo 6.”

Photo 6 doesn’t show a button for “Select New Time.” Would I click on “Change experience” and then on another button labeled “Select New Time” in order to select a new time? Or is there a button already present that is labeled as “Select New Time” – perhaps underneath where the Photo shows the drop-down list?

Also, am I able to select a new time for each of my FPPs on that one page shown in Photo 6 or would I need to go back to my itinerary, go to the date again, and click “View Details” for another FPP on that same date?

Here is Photo 6 for reference:

This is what it looks like before you click ‘Select New Time’. After you click, the dropdown shows up with all available times (if any exist).

Sorry, missed your other question: They all are on the same page… easy-peasy :smile:

Thanks, @megstr29, for the screenshot. I’ll now know what to look for. I figured it would probably all be pretty self-explanatory on the site, but I’d rather be over-prepared than under-prepared.

No problem @RobertSch6!

Also, if you’re staying multiple days, you can book for every day of your trip at 60-days out, so make sure to book last-to-first day of your trip if you want hard-to-get FPPs!

Good Luck!

Yep. I’ve got all our FPPs planned out for all seven days we’ll be in the park. We’re not planning to go to any of the parks on the day we check in, so our FPPs won’t start until Day 2. I’m hoping that will give us a little edge.

I’ve probably spent a couple dozen hours working out the best FPPs to get – optimizing and evaluating my TP, then optimizing and evaluating them, then optimizing and evaluating them some more. Then I’ll read something on the Forum or another Disney site and decide to change and revise them yet again. I’m a bit of an obsessive organizer. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself after I’ve made all the reservations. :relaxed:

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I’m pretty sure you just described about 95% of the TP community (including me! :slight_smile: ) I hate it when I forget to make all my changes before I hit ‘Optimize’… that 30 seconds every time adds up quickly!

You’re probably right about the TP community. I get the impression that we’re mostly a fastidious and meticulous bunch. Those 30 seconds can seem like five minutes when you’re waiting for the optimization to finish. :smile:

I made all of my plans and booked my fast passes. Then my family asked for things so I had to change some of my days and it took forever.( even though I had asked them several times what they really wanted to see before I even started.) Ugh!

I also had to tweak them since I didn’t get all the FP times I had wanted.

Families are horrible! :wink: Oh well. Planning is half the fun.

I had all my ADRs set and days outlined. (Hubby isn’t really excited about the trip like I am. So he didn’t care what I picked, even though I tried to get input.) So one day I say, “so what are you excited about most for the trip?” He replies, “That pizza sounded pretty good you told me about.”

PIZZA?? What pizza? I didn’t make any pizza plans?

LOL I guess its a good thing I asked. I was able to get a ADR for the restaurant he wants to go to. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, I asked my DH, and he said ‘going to the Arcade and DQ’… face palm