Fastpass question with park hopping

I have read many of the articles about the changes to the fast pass system this spring, I just want to verify that I am understanding, as I am making my reservations in 1 week. One of the days we are going we are visiting Epcot in the morning and Studios in the evening. I need a fastpass for Soarin in the morning but then no other fast pass at Epcot. I am then wanting to do a fastpass for Toy story and Tower in the evening. If I understand correctly I can make a reservation for Soarin at 9am. Then I don’t make any other reservations. Day of once I use Soarin I can make a reservation for Toy story. So my questions…

  1. Is this correct?
  2. I can’t make fast pass reservations for 2 different park 60 days out? I have to wait till day of to make the additional park?
  3. After I use Soarin, can I make reservations for Toy Story and Tower or do I have to wait to use Toy Story before making Tower?
    Thanks for any help.

You can only make FPs for one park ahead of time. Once you scan your Soarin FP you can make your HS FPs while in line. Yesterday on chat people said you could do two at that time.

Have you thought about just rope dropping Soarin (with the three screens the waits have not been very long) and booking three at HS?

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Good thought on rope dropping Soarin. I will have to look at my touring plan. Good to know that you can make two at a time. Thanks for answering my questions.

What about Frozen and Test Track? You can single rider TT but would still need a FPP for Soarin or Frozen…whichever you don’t rope drop.