Fastpass question with 7 night/8 days stay

So I am flying in on Wed . Nov 21st at 10 am , heading to a park. We checkout Wed. Nov28th. I have purchased 7 nights of on site resort stay and an 8 day park hopper since we have a late flight out on the 28 Th. My fastpass window opens October 22 ,so it’s my understanding I can book all my 8 days of fast passes . Correct?

Yes! You are correct!

Ok thank you. I just read something someone posted you can only book 7 days worth because I am staying 7 nights.

But we have early flights in and late flights out so I figured let’s hit the parks as long as possible. So it’s not based on nights stayed. Thank you :smile:

They may have been referring to a recent glitch with APs and onsite stays. It is not how it supposed to work.