Fastpass question - using kiddies tickets


so if we have fastness reservations for an hours slot on a ride and our children choose not to ride (rides like TofT will depend on how they feel on the day!), could someone in our party effectively use those tickets to ride again within that same hour??

Yes @Haynesholiday that is possible. The person wanting to ride would need to use the child’s magicband or ticket at the reader.

We’re doing the opposite of this in June. Four of us older people don’t do the coasters so we’re letting DD21 and my niece (14) use our fast passes.:slightly_smiling_face:

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ahh my husband will be pleased to have 2 goes on RnR!!


We totally did this for Expedition Everest & Tower of Terror! With Tower of Terror we actually ended up joining forces with some friends of the other family we toured with bringing our group to a total of 11 people. Since each of the three families had a kid too small in addition to having some of the party (kids & adults both) not wanting to ride, we ended up with more rider switches than we could use. We used all the FPs then, we gifted the extra riders switches to a Liner friend who was coming to WDW the same night that we were flying out and staying in the same resort. But everyone who wanted to got to ride both of those more than one because of that lovely loophole.