Fastpass Question - Linked Accounts

Hello, I’ve never made Fastpass Reservations before - this will be our first trip.

I want to make sure that I’ll be able to make Fastpass Reservations for my husband, stepson and myself. I’ve got all our tickets linked. I can see my husband and stepson on my friends and family list. My husband isn’t showing up under the MagicBands page though. I think it’s because the travel agent booked the Memory Maker under his name, so he went into the MDE app to create an account.

Will I be able to book his Fastpass?

You have a resort reservation and all of you are listed on that reservation?

Yep. All of us are at Pop.

I was worried when I didn’t see Memory Maker on MDE, but asked the reservationist when I made the MNSSHP reservations and she said it was because it was showing on my husbands account.

I just have no idea how to verify that I’ll be able to make his FP. I checked this morning and the reservation number is listed on everyone.

Who is the lead on the reservation? When I look in my MDE account under my reservation I can see all of us in my account. I can also order MBs for everyone and when FPs open I can do that.I am afraid your is not right.

I think everything will need to be done from your husband’s account.

It looks like the travel agent booked it under my husbands name for some reason. Maybe I should just get his password info and see what it looks like under him.

The hotel package says booked by Keith Garrett…so definitely under the hubby. So, I’ll need to be logged in under his name to do the FP?

Ugh. It’s weird to me they have it under such lockdown. It’d be nice if both spouses could make the reservations.

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Yes, log onto his account and see what is there. Good thing you are on top of this!

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Thanks! Yeah, my poor hubby must be getting sick of hearing “Disney, disney, disney” but the trip was his idea. I like to plan ahead, so I can relax when I’m there. Lol.

I woke up thinking about the Fastpass - It’s my last hurdle and we don’t even get to book them until 8/7!

Thanks for the help!

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This poses a question for me…sorry, don’t mean to hijack OP. We have 2 resort reservations (different locations), DD has an MDE account I set up for her and I have mine as well. Both accounts show everything on our reservations - hotel, tickets and passes & ADR’s. I am the primary on my account and DD is the primary on hers. Am I able to book everyone’s FP+ on my MDE or does DD have to book hers under her own account?

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My son has always had his own MDE account. When I make Resort reservations I control everyone in that reservation . I have always been able to make FPs and customize the MBs. To me, I think the ability to customize those MBs tells you that you have control.


Well, that’s not what I was hoping to hear! LOL I made the reservation for DD & DSIL through her account (I have access since I set everything up for her). I wanted to make sure it was in her name since we are not staying at the same resort. I can’t make changes to anything for them unless I am logged in under her account so, based on what I’m hearing, it sounds like I won’t be able to secure their FP+ through my account. Any chance there’s a way to change that easily? I guess I can have 2 computers going at the same time and try my best to lock in 2 sets of FP+ within the same window. UGH!

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Did you request them through your account? I can control my son because we did that years ago.

My account says: these people are planning together.

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I did request and link them to my account, if that’s what you are asking - my MDE account shows all 4 of us and says we’re planning together. Is that what I need to reserve FP for all of us together? :crossed_fingers:


That should be all you need, unless I’m misunderstanding things.


I agree with @Nicky_S.

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Thank you both…always so appreciative of how patient and helpful everyone is on this site.


No worries. Where does it say “planning together”? I’m not at home at the moment, so I’ll have to check later.

Under friends/family tab in your MDE account. If everyone is linked, they will all show up there and say planning together. :slight_smile:

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Along similar lines, my parents don’t have an MDE and booked their package over the phone. I linked their reservation, but they are in my “other friends and family”, not in my “we’re planning together.” What does that mean for my ability to ADR and FP+ for them?

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