Fastpass question - how do I get them?

Ok first time buying tickets to Magic Kingdom. Tickets purchased and I preselected my 3 rides for Fastpasses. So here’s my dumb question: how do I “get” the Fastpasses? Will they be associated with my tickets that I will receive in the mail? Do I just go to the ride during my designated hour and get them there? Sorry for being so dense. Thanks for your help!

They are attached to your account and Magic Bands. Check your Disney Experience and just make sure they are linked to your account. Then just show up at the correct time and “wave” your Magic band.

If you are not staying on Disney property (therefore not having Magic Bands), just take your tickets that you receive in the mail. At the rides where you have fastpasses, you will tap your ticket to the Mickey head and it will turn green. It looks like this:

If you have not yet received your tickets then you would have had to request the code on the ticket to make the selections after you had set up a “my Disney experience” account. If you did that then the selections are associated with your ticket or magic band. The tickets I bought were through the convention center and were a hotel room key type with the information regarding the ticket printed on it. We did not by magic bands (only toured for two days) and would just have to put the ticket card up against the “mickey ball” that @Wahoohokie posted a picture of.

If you don’t get a magic band, go to the ticket booth on your first day. Your paper tickets will then be turned into cards and you will use those to enter the rides. You may get magic bands when you check in at a Disney Resort Hotel. I stay offsite, so I don’t know about that. I’m an annual passholder, so my bands came in the mail, but when I buy tickets for my visitors, we go to the ticket stand, pick up the visitor’s cards, and they use those to get in the front gate and get on the Fast Pass ordered rides. It’s not hard at all.

Anyone can get Magic Bands. You can order online through the Disney Store, or the Shop Disney app. Or they can be purchased in the parks or Disney Springs. They’re then linked to your MDE account, and become your park tickets and Fast Pass access.

So I got cards in the mail as my “tickets”. Logging into My Experience account I can see my Fast pass times requested. Can I assume this is connected to these cards and I just wave the cards in front of the mickey head then to ignite the fast pass?

Yes, that is how is works. Also you can go under the tab on MDE that says “bands and cards” and the ticket numbers should be listed there and should match the back of the cards. Make sure each is linked to a specific person, and then write that person’s name on the card with permanent ink. That makes it easy to keep track of which card belongs to which person.