FastPass Question for Obtaining FP at a second park at night only

Hi there. We are taking our 20 month old son in November. One of the days we will be going to MK in the morning from around 9-12 or 9-1 then going back to the hotel to let our son take a nap. That specific day we are going to MK there is a Christmas Party so we have decided we will go to Animal Kingdom in the evening. Our thought is to not get any FastPasses at MK and just do as much as we can in Fantasy Land in the morning and possibly Pirates and Haunted Mansion without FastPass. We would then obtain FastPasses for Animal Kingdom for the evening hours for Navi River, Safari, and Rivers of Light. Thoughts?? This is our one night at Animal Kingdom…we will be coming back to AK one morning but this is our only opportunity to see Rivers of Light so we thought it might be important to get a FastPass for it. We have never seen it and would love to see it…we don’t want to have to arrive an hour early to get a seat if we don’t have a FastPass for it. All of our other days we will be getting all 3 FastPasses in the morning and then continually getting another FP as much as we can but this is our idea for this one day. Any thoughts on our day??

Thanks so much!! :slight_smile:

This is what I would do in this case too. Crowds at MK on party / “half” days tend to be much lighter. If you only need to ride HM, PoC and Fantasyland you’ll have plenty of time. Make your FPP for AK only. Be aware that a good number of the animals at Kilimanjaro Safari tend to go in for the evening around 5p - 5:30p during the fall. (As soon as it starts to go to dusk / sunset) I’d book my first FPP for that if it’s on your “to do” list.

The next choice is either to go to those two “E-Tickets” first or PPF first. The queue at PPF will grow all day, but you can quickly do both HM & PoC in the first hour if you head to Adventureland right after the Welcome Show.

(With this being DS first trip - watch the show! I know here we preach the importance of getting on rides ASAP at RD, but it’s a good show and a great memory. Plus, 90% of the RD crowd is rushing to 7DMT or Tomorrowland - two places you aren’t going. You can watch it and the head to your first ride.)

You’ll have a long queue when you swing back to PPF and FL, but it should still be shorter than both of the queue for HM & PoC of you went to those later.

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This is our plan for one of our upcoming days as well. For ROL, have you considered a dining package or dessert party? That would buy you one more FPP.

Thanks so much!! It sounds like we are headed in the right direction :slight_smile:

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Awesome!! No we haven’t looked into that…thanks for the idea!

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