Fastpass Princess Lines

My 4 year old daughter wants to get fast passes for a few of the Princess lines. Obviously, I have to wait with her, and can’t wait to get those pictures! However, since I don’t plan on being in any of them, do I have to “waste” my fast pass as well just to escort her through?

Sadly, yes.

That is a little disappointing. I’m glad I asked, though. That could’ve been an ugly scene. Thanks!

I have a feeling it isn’t all that popular, but what about visiting MM, Tinkerbell, and Princess Fairytale Hall at Rope Drop? Then FP+ 7DMT, BTMR, and Splash Mountain in the morning? Would something like that be possible on a 9 day at MK?

You could definitely RD Princess Fairytale Hall. Since meet & greets take a bit of time, I don’t think I’d count on RDing all three, unless it was EMH. I can’t say for sure though. When I got a FP+ last time, it was for Anna & Elsa when they were still at MK. Not sure what the lines are looking like now.

Ah, planning is such fun!!

You could rope drop either Mickey & Tink or the princesses (since they’re at different locations) but I don’t think you could do all of them without having substantial waits after the first couple of meet & greets. Depending on how many are in your party it’s usually possible to get 4th Fastpasses for BTMR, so you could always try that unless it’s a must-do for your family? Definitely Fastpass 7DMT though!

I was there last week and we met lots of princesses without FP and never had to wait more than 10 minutes or so. We met Anna and Elsa, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Elena, and Tiana. I’m sure there are other meets with longer waits but my 3yo was over the moon with the ones she did get to meet. Combined with meeting Doc McStuffins (twice!) she was thrilled. I wouldn’t use FP on meets except as 4th or 5th choices.

The difference is that you were there during crowd levels 3-5. The OP is asking about crowd level 9 days - waits are going to be substantially longer across the board.

I have two daughters, aged 3 and 6, and both are pretty big princess fans so we saw a lot of princesses during our May trip. We rope dropped Fairytale Hall (Cinderella and Elena) on one of our MK days and had about a 5-10 minute wait. It was a crowd level 7 day. I was also able to snag a 4th FP for Tinkerbell on that same day. I don’t think you could RD MM/TB and Fairytale Hall on the same day without running into a wait due to the length of the meets and their distance from each other.

We rope dropped Merida on another day, getting in line at about 8:55 on an EMH day and were the second group to meet her when she started at 9:15. We used FPs for Rapunzel and Tiana and Enchanted Tales with Belle. I will say that my DDs loved the princess meets. My 3 year old’s face in all the pics is so sweet so it was worth it for us!

On another note, we rope dropped BTMR and Splash on our third MK day and both were walk ons for the first half hour or so after park opening (CL 7). I was also able to get 4th FPs for Splash and BTMRR after refreshing a few times.

It kind of pained me to use two FP+ for princess meet and greets (Rapunzel and Cinderella) but I think it will be worth it for my daughter (my son might not agree lol but our second MK day has FP for the coasters!)

I totally plan to jump into some pics with her though LOL Last trip we only had my son, so we only met Ariel and after a couple pics with just the two of them, my husband and I jumped in as well. :slight_smile:

If you have multiple MK days (which is recommended) I would RD Tink & Mickey one day. Do Mickey first because his line is always longer, then Tink. FP whatever else for the rest of the day. I suggest the mountains or PP.

RD Fairytale Hall another day and FP rides the rest of that day.

Or you could go totally opposite and RD the mountains and FP the princesses. Your choice.

Wow - that is a lot to consider. Thank you for all the input!

We do have 2 MK days planned. Unless it turns out to be an EMH morning, we’ll just RD Princes Fairytale Hall. Maybe we will check on Tink and MM on the way out if my daughter is still up for it then, otherwise, we can catch them on the 2nd day.