FastPass+ Pout


Hi All. Just complaining to people who will get it (i.e., not DH). smile

We're being very responsible with our January adults-only trip, and paying for it as we count down, without drawing on savings. We've already paid for our DVC rental, and will buy plane tickets next week. Unfortunately, though, we shouldn't pull the trigger on park tickets for a few weeks yet (if we're going to stick to our plan and not take anything out of savings). That means I won't be able to make FP+ selections until some time around the 45 day mark. frowning Wahhhhhh!

Really, though, I know it will be fine. The only thing I have my heart set on is 7DMT, and I can plunk myself in a standby line and make it work if I have to. But... I'm just a little bummed.


Hopefully going at a reasonably slow time you'll be able to get one! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!


I visited in September on short notice and wasn't able to get Mine Train FPP, but did go in the morning when the wait was bearable. I wanted to see the interactive queue, which is worth seeing at least once, so even if you don't get a fastpass, then as long as you can make it for rope drop at least once you should be ok.


I wonder if there's a way to look at the attraction's FPP distribution to see what's a good time in the day to request the attraction. Is 6pm less likely to max out than 2pm? If you knew that, then you could snap up the less popular times.


I booked at 40.something days and eventually got everything I wanted, including 7DMT & A&E. If you're willing to keep looking, you should be ok.


I really appreciated the sympathy and suggestions here! smile

But...because flight prices for our trip are hanging out pretty high right now (and are unlikely to climb much higher)... we just decided to buy our park tix today and wait until next pay period for our plane tix. Something of a gamble... but at least I'll get to make FP+ selections this weekend!!!