Fastpass plus reservations question

I know I can make fastpass reservations 60 days in advance and I can make them for the full trip, however I arrive 2 days before the rest of my party (me time!!); so to have the same reservations on the shared days, do I have to wait to make those reservations or is it like dining where I can make them for everyone?


So you’re all staying onsite? Does their reservation start when they arrive or are you all on the same one? Do you manage them in MDE?

You should only be able to make FPP for them 60 days before their reservation date but if you’re all in the same room it’s possible there might be a glitch and you might be able to book for everyone at the same time. I wouldn’t count on it though.

Yes we are all staying at POFQ but different rooms. I figured I would have to wait to schedule theirs but thought I would check. Thanks!

You might try copying the FPs to them when their window opens.

Just thought I would follow up and say I was actually able to copy my fast passes to my family before their window opened. Just an FYI for anyone who has their group arriving different days.


And I should add they are in 2 different rooms