Fastpass Plus Reservations Not Showing on Plan Steps

Hello everyone. I am trying to create my first touring plan. I have entered my fastpass plus reservations, along with other rides/attractions on my Touring Plan.
I am clicking “Evaluate” and it shows the rides/attractions I selected, but not my FastPass Plus reservations I entered at the top.
Any Idea what I might be doing wrong?
The URL for my plan is

thank you!

Evaluate will keep things in the order listed when you hit that button. I usually optimize, make adjustments I want, then evaluate. But when you optimize, it should put the FPPs in order for you to use them.

Thank you. I tried Optimize too and it didn’t add my fast passes to the the plan for some reason.

If the program “decides” that your FASTPASSES will result in longer wait times, it won’t use them.

If you’re set on using the FPPs, you can add them in as hard breaks.

@len @lentesta @brklinck do a fab job of explaining this better.

Thank you for explaining that. I appreciate it!

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Looking at this now.

@locorabbit - take a look at it now, please.

One of the odd things about the Optimizer is that it doesn’t add an attraction automatically, if you say you have a Fastpass+ for it. We should probably fix that. :slight_smile:

The first time I optimized the plan, it didn’t use the FP+ for Splash or Under the Sea. It had you visiting Under the Sea right after 7 Dwarfs, and the wait was like 5 minutes. But since you were back in Fantasyland early afternoon, I moved the step to then, so you could use the FP. (I think you’ll end up waiting about the same either way, so if you want to use that Fastpass+ for something else, go ahead.)

Also, I assume that you won’t want to ride Splash Mountain before 8 am, so I moved that step to later in the day.

The plan looks good, and you have lots of free time. Thanks for using the site, and let me know if there’s anything else we can help with.

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Thank you so much Len! I have never used Touring Plans before but this will be my honeymoon and I want it to be the best possible trip for my fiance. I was diagnosed with MS last year and my mind doesn’t plan as well as it used.
I will take a look at it now.
thank you,

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