Fastpass plans etc

So fastpass day tomorrow. no1) it is midday in uk? or 11am? 2) just need a bit of help with my overal plan for last few days of our wdw stay. the first 4 days at parks ( with water parks/ nasa inbetween are all sorted) it is the last couple that i need a bit of help. Having to work around the following bookings.
SUn 5th 11.30 am raglan rd.
Mon 6th BOG 8am. Ohana 6.45.

we will spend around of half day at MK on the 6th after BOG. but other than that the only things i think we definitely want to fit in are: MK fireworks ( trying to get earlier ohana booking but no luck as yet) and possibly the HS star wars fireworks ( fanastamic earlier in week)

do you think we should try and get a 2nd FOP fastpass on the sunday either before or after the Raglan rd ( want to keep that as my son is gluten free and they have lots of options for him, plus daughter into dancing) we probably wont have done navi journey either. or do you think we should just leave the sunday really light and see how it goes on the day?

It’s midday.

Yes I’d try to get a second FoP. You can always cancel it if you decide not to bother, but it’s unlikely you’d be able to book it at short notice if you decided you wanted to do it. If that makes sense!

Is there dancing in the morning at Raglan Road? I thought that started at 3 or 4? I could be wrong. I absolutely loved there GF fish and chips! Well, the fish anyway. Great place. Definitely keep an ADR there.

i think only on sunday when they do brunch

Ahh! That makes sense.

The show is great! Make sure that you ask for a table in front of the stage so that you can watch it. There is an entire area that has no view of it. DD really enjoyed going up on stage and learning the steps.