Fastpass Planning Question with Shows

Good morning and Happy 4th of July! I am approaching my Fastpass booking window for our upcoming trip and I’m hoping someone can help remind me how the FP windows work with shows. I am trying to burn through some of our FPs for shows at HS in the morning so I can hopefully book more Tier 1 FPs later.

If I book a FP for a 12:30 show, I know the arrival window will be ~12:05-12:20. My question is this - do shows have a one-hour window when booking the initial 3 Fastpasses? As I’m planning my desired FPs, can I plan to book my next one at 12:30 or will I have to wait until 1?


Good question. I never use FPP for shows but am following along.
After you get an answer for this for booking FPP, remember once you are there to modify your next FPP after you have tapped into one.

I normally don’t either, but I don’t want to risk not being able to book a fourth Tier 1 FP b/c my Tier 2 ones weren’t yet used. I am wondering if @missoverexcited @PrincipalTinker or @OBNurseNH might know… :slight_smile:

P.S. Happy belated @OBNurseNH - hope you had a great day yesterday!

I believe that since the FP window expires, you can move on to the next thing.

OK - so more than likely I will be able to book a FP from 12-12:30(ish) for the show and then book another one at 12:30 for a ride?

Yes. Since you can do this in pre-booking, I would assume you can do this for fourth-and-beyond in park as well.

Sorry, I meant pre-booking. :slight_smile:
Pre-book FP #2 from 12-12:30(ish) for the show and then pre-book FP#3 at 12:30 for a ride (vs. 1)?


I thought you could do this but somebody told me very recently I was wrong and you still can’t book for another hour. I never use FPs for shows so I don’t have any experience of it, sorry!

OK, thanks! I’ll have 2 game plans JIC. :slight_smile:

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To be honest if @OBNurseNH says you can, I’m sure she’s right.

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I’m pretty sure I have done it.

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