Fastpass planning for Hollywood Studios

Hi Everyone. In the Touring Plans Video “Planning for Hollywood Studios after Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” Brian Says you can get a second Tier 1 Fast Pass after using your 9:00am fast pass if you only have 2 reservations. It is stated at approximately 10:44 in the video. Is this TRUE?!?!? I was reading on touring plans in the comments that @SteveBloom says this is NOT an option. But that article was written in 2016 So it could have changed? Does anyone know if you can get a second tier 1 fast Pass after using your first tier one if you only have 2 fast passes scheduled???

As you can see here:

Most comments focus on the fact that this is not how the system works. I know @Brian said to leave comments but he did not address them. Some people thought maybe it is a glitch but I don’t understand how you can predict a glitch for a new system (so many tier 1s) before that system is implemented.


Thanks for the reply. I guess if it doesn’t work for Hollywood studios, My next question about it working at Epcot is answered also.

It definitely does not work that way in Epcot. There was a report the two FPs might have worked one day for one person but I have not heard if it was repeated. On chat they said that one report was on the touring plans Facebook page?