FastPass Park Hopping - Does it actually save time?

Hi everyone!

I know that FPs in DCA and DLR are disconnected, so you can get one at DLR and then hop over and immediately get another one at DCA. However, in order to do this, you’d need to go through the park entry lines twice - once to get to the other park and pick up the FPs, then again to rejoin the rest of your party in the original park. Then when you go to actually redeem those FPs with your whole party, you have to hop back and forth AGAIN… I just can’t imagine this taking less time than sticking with the FPs in one park.

Does anyone know if this actually works to save time? Is there a way to estimate the entry line time based on the crowd calendar?

It really depends on the mobility of your group. I’ve never put it down on paper to compare, but it’s definitely a scattered plan and the criss-crossing isn’t very efficient, but I remember being a teen traveling with my family when my siblings who were all teens/older kids and we would use this strategy to hit as many headlines as much as possible with as little wait as possible and it was always a good time.

Now that I go with my own kids that are still tots, I tend to group our park time by at least 2-4 hrs before hopping, but also it just depends on what showtimes for what shows we want to see and then I schedule rides/characters and such around any specific showtimes.

Edit to answer your question about time to allot for hopping: The time to walk across the gates can be done in 2 minutes and depending on what’s going on the lines to get in are usually less than 5 min; however, there can be certain events that trigger crowds to create long lines that would be closer to 15 min. One good example of such a time is when DL shuts down for the special event Halloween party and the crowds not attending the party fill the the lines to get into DCA.

It also depends on which rides. RSR runs out of FPs very early in the day, so it may make sense to enter DCA first, get that FP (and maybe WoC), then go to DLP for others that don’t run out so fast (ST etc.).