FastPass ONLY 30 days out?

Planning in MDE and noticed it states I can make fpp selections 30 days in advance. I Booked package through Disney. Thought I would get 60 days out. Thoughts, help. Thanks.

You should be able to make them 60 days out. Are you staying on site? Have your tickets linked to your MDE?

As long as your hotel reservation and tickets are entered into MDE, you should be able to make FPPs when the first day of your trip hits the 60 day mark. Where are you staying?

Tickets are linked. Staying at POR Riverside. Just selected my magic band color. Think I will just have to try 60 days out and see what happens. Is it 60 plus 10??

At day 60 you should be able to make FPs for the 10 days.

This happened to us, as well. Periodically, our reservations (dining plan & 30 vs 60 day Fast Pass) in My Disney Experience would not be accurate (sometimes it was incorrect & other times it was correct!)). I contacted our travel agent and she assured us we were booked with the appropriate dining plan and could book FP+ 60 days out. She said Disney has been having some issues with accuracy on My Disney Experience. We were able to book Fast Passes at 60 days (Disney even sent us a reminder in the mail).
Just check that your reservations are correct. If so, you should be fine.

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Thank to all for the help. Ok now I get the 10. So confusing at first. I marked 60 days on the calendar and will fillow up to see if it changes eventually on MDE.

Disney? Having issues with MDE? This is my surprised face: -_-

If MDE consistently worked the way it’s supposed to, I think I’d like it a lot more.

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