Fastpass notification on My Disney Experience

I just logged into My Disney Experience to make sure everything is in order for our trip in 2 days. I noticed a notification while there. It basically said an email had been sent to me concerning my Fastpass selections on 9/13/18 (the day we’re going to Hollywood Studios). I’ve yet to receive the email. Has anyone received a notification like this? If so, what specifically did it concern?

We’ll be there next week also (MK on the 13th, though) and I didn’t see any notification in MDE or in my inbox.

Do you have a Halloween party that is on a day you are not using regular tickets? There have been reports of people getting emails that they had too many fast pass selections if they had 3 on a party day and that their last day’s fast passes would be cancelled. Not sure how they fixed it as I have an AP

Thanks for the responses! I called last night and it was indeed the MNSSHP issue. The guy said having Fastpasses on more days than you have REGULAR park tickets creates a “false positive” in their system. He put a memo on our FP and promised we’d be good to go. So, now I’m just counting the hours until we’re on the plane!

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Good to know. I was wondering if you booked 2 or 3 FP for MNSSHP and if 3 what times did you book? Thanks, I’m trying to see if I can find a way to avoid getting that notification when we book for MVMCP.

We only have 2 FP for the day we’re going to MNSSHP (the 9th). I think that’s all you can get if you’re not a DVC member (DVC members can get in at 2, regular party guests at 4).

Interesting - we have one FP booked for our party day (it’s also arrival day) – my two friends don’t have regular park tickets that day (I have an AP). I’ll have to check if they’ve had issues. Thanks for the heads-up!

Wanted to give everyone a heads-up with what ultimately happened to us with our Fastpasses…

On our last day (at Hollywood Studios), our 1st Fastpass (for Slinky Dog Dash) did not work. The CM I spoke to on the phone before our trip told me this may happen. If it did, just notify the CM at the ride of the situation and they would be able to see the note he was placing on my account.

The CM at the ride saw no such note. At this point, I’m panicking. Slinky Dog Dash was about a 90-minute wait in 92 degree heat. Thankfully, the CM (Susan) understood what I was saying. She didn’t act like she was familiar with the situation at hand, but she wanted to “set you up for success”. I provided her with our times for our 3 Fastpasses. She reinstituted all three and we were good to go.

So, my recommendation at this point would be to screenshot and print/save your Fastpasses for your last day at the parks, just to make things easier if/when they don’t work in this situation.