FastPass+ not the greatest this time

I booked our FastPass’ about 2 weeks ago. I am a person that likes to get all my FP done in the morning and I have never had trouble doing so in the past. (I am always on line at 7:00am exactly 60 days in) But this time I seem to of had a few problems with the top headliners.
60 days in Slinky Dog - 6pm earliest I could get. MMRR and MF sold out
60 days + 3 - MMRR 6:30pm earliest I could get
60 days + 4 - Kilimanjaro 10:00am wanted 9:00am
60 days + 5 - Millennium Falcon 12:00pm earliest I could get
60 Days + 6 - 7DMT 10:00am earliest I could get
60 days + 10 - Millennium Falcon 10:30 earliest I could get

I tried modifying several times without any luck. I still got most of what I wanted but now I will have to go back and change my tour plans drastically.
I’m still happy.
In conclusion I think the fact that early time slots are quickly being snatched up leads me to believe that more and more people are becoming more and more knowledgeable in booking FastPass’.

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I am pretty sure my trip is not happening but I am 44 days out and I was able to move my FoP FP up yesterday. I think with cancellations there were be more opportunities than usual.


Definitely! Last december when I was roped into planning someone’s trip 21 days out, I was able to get them FoP at 9:30am. On Dec 26th.

For fun, I looked at FP availability on the first day of our trip. As of right now (49 days out), there is availability for 7DMT. I’m not sure I’ve seen that even once in all my looking. So, whether or not our trip gets cancelled, it will be fun booking FPs at 30 days out that would have otherwise been impossible.

Of course, I might not get a chance to use them…but it is fun, nonetheless!