Fastpass Newbie

I’m a couple days away from being able to book my initial fastpasses for my upcoming trip in May, and I’m still totally confused by this process. Does anyone have any good resources where they can break this down for my like I’m 5?

I’m just not sure what I should prioritize, and getting conflicting information about being able to do fastpass things on my phone vs getting the paper reminders!


I generally start by booking them on my computer using “My Disney Experience.” Start by making an account if you don’t have one, then “link” your traveling party to your account.The site will guide you. You’ll need to enter your tickets as well (you can’t do FP’s until they know you have tickets).

When you go to choose a FP, it will ask you if it’s just you needing the FP or other people in your party. You choose the attraction and it will give you available FP times. The site will let you know what’s available and what things you can choose at the same time – some things are categorized so you can’t get more than one from a category - but the site will help you do that.

Once they’re in, you can also “modify” them, so nothing’s in stone.

We use the app to keep track and send us reminders. It will also let you know if a ride is down during your FP window, in which case you get alternatives. The app ties to your ticket / magic band, so you just scan it when you get to the FP line for the ride.

I’m sure there are some great blogs out there with more info, but at least that’s a start!

Touring Plans FP Info Link!

I would also suggest that, if they are important to you to experience, there are a few attractions which will likely have no FastPasses on the day of, and you need to book early. They also tend to be those attractions that have enormously long stand-by lines. Because of that, I would prioritize Avatar: Flights of Passage (at Animal Kingdom), 7 Dwarfs Mine Train (at Magic Kingdom) and Frozen Ever After (at EPCOT) if you think you’re going to want to ride those. Most everything else you should be able to shift to a FastPass for as you get closer, or the wait times aren’t exorbitant.

Obviously, if your group isn’t interested in those, then skip getting FastPasses for them.

I use personalize TPs to help me determine what FPPs make the most sense for me. See the following thread for info on how to do this: