Fastpass+ new rules

Just trying to understand the new Fastpass+ rules. Last trip to WDW was 6/15. If I understand correctly, you now can book 1,2, or 3 advanced FP’s through MDE before your trip (formerly 3 required). Additional FP’s can now be booked through the MDE App via phone (formerly kiosk only). Furthermore, you no longer need to physically be in the theme park where you are booking the additional FP, right? Hypothetical scenario: If I book only 1 advance FP at HS for Toy Story near park opening time (rather than 3 advance FP’s), after I use it, can I then use the app to get one for Expedition Everest immediately following (assuming availability)? Is there an advantage to booking advanced FP’s only for headliners so that you can get additional headliner FP’s sooner in the day? (Under the old system, your 3 advance FP’s in one park would take up most of the AM, so it might be noon before you could try for additional FP’s.)

It’s supposed to be so that you can split FPs across two parks now, but it wasn’t working for me yesterday (trying to do it on the MDE app while at HS, had snagged one FP for Toy Story the night before and was looking to see what MK had open, it wouldn’t let me do FPs for MK even though Toy Story was the only FP I had.) Not sure about any of your other questions, sorry! Hopefully someone with more experience can help.

If they were your 3 initial advance FP’s, I think they all have to be in one park. Then, subsequent FP’s can be from another park.


Yes, we just finished our vacation there. You can sign in for and change fast passes on your mobile device. On our final day - we decided to leave the park early - we had 2 unused FP - so I cancelled them so someone else could pick them up. After I cancelled them - I checked - and I was able to then sign up for another FP - at any park - not just the one that I was at. So you can use 3 or fewer FP in one park - and when you are finished - you can then sign up for 1 FP in the same or different park. Just be aware that the popular (and even the not so popular) FPs disappear early.

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