Fastpass needed for character meetings in the morning at Magic Kingdom?

I set up my touring plan for Magic Kingdom. We will plan on getting there early for the rope drop. When I put in character meetings for 10am, 11am, and 12pm only the 12pm used a fastpass option even though I selected to use a fastpass for the 10 and 11am meetings. Are the character meetings that early not that busy that a fastpass is not needed? We plan on goign in May this year. The fastpass were for Cinderella and Elena at 10am, Rapunzel and Tiana at 11am, and Ariel at her Grotto at 12PM. Again, in the plan it only shows the Ariel one using a fastpass. The 10am one says the wait is 4min and the 11am wait is only 7min. Is this correct?

Your plan is using FP for those meets, it’s just not showing up in the individual step for some reason. Mine is doing the same thing, even though my meets are later in the day. I think it has something to do with the fact that they just recently changed those meets to include Elena. When I had them prior, it showed up in each step. Now it doesn’t, but they are still listed in my FP box up top. If you remove those FP reservations and Evaluate again, I think you’ll see a much longer wait!