Fastpass Mickey and Minnie's Runaway railway

Does anybody have any ideas if the faspass tiers will change with this new attraction? I cant imagine having to choose between all toy story land and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway railway
for the tier 1.
In my current plan (in september) I chose the Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway railway for the fastpass and then put all toy story land first thing in the morning. The wait is quite long for all 3 attractions even the first one is about 40 min.

if Epcot is any indication, it will be Tier 1 (along with SWGE rides)

But i think there will be no fastpass for SWGE yet since we will be there 1 week after opening. Thats why I was wondering if the Toy story ride would still be in tier one or not at that time. Later Im pretty sure they wont.

I think it will be Mickey and Minnie, SDD and TSM. AS2 will drop down to tier 2. Once GE gets FP, they will both be tier 1 with possibly SDD and Mickey and Minnie.

But it’s all speculation until Disney actually announce it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is no FPP for SWGE. I know people argue about personnel allocation and whatnot but it should be relatively easy to estimate capacity for an attraction that will be maxed for years to come.

Also if they are moving towards paid tier experiences, then most certainly it makes sense to keep everything as Tier 1 even ASS.

Anyone heard any rumors about opening? Im way more excited for this than star wars and im one of the unlucky souls who already had a trip planned the last week in August. Hoping at least Mickey send minnie railway will be consolation.

I feel you, I had already book the first week of september without possibility to cancel. Im also hoping at least the Mickey and Minnie attraction will be open since my 2 and 4 years old girl dont know anything about star wars.

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