Fastpass+ in the Frozen Norway

Anyone have any idea how the Fastpass+ will breakdown for the Frozen attractions coming to Norway Pavilion? I know I am way out for needing to know this as I am planning for the end of October, but haven’t seen much conversation on it. Will the meet and greet location get FP+. I am assuming the new ride will, but what tier? Will these additions give Epcot enough to get rid of the tiers?

Disney hasn’t released any info on this yet, unfortunately. I doubt we’ll hear much until the attraction opens :frowning:

That’s what I figured, which still leaves me plenty of time to figure out how it will affect my plan. Just was hoping someone that had a scoop would see this.

Nothing officially released. In the “insider” world, it is expected that both the ride and the M&G will have FPPs. The ride will undoubtedly be a tier 1; the M&G may also be tier 1 (kind of forcing you to choose between the ride or the M&G - or Soarin’ or TT…) But again, no one really knows. We don’t even know when it will open yet (most people are assuming sometime in May, but there are rumors afloat that it could be delayed until June).

I am afraid it will be tier 1, too, but it would be amazing if it would be tier 2 or remove the tiers entirely, I never even considered that! We are going in September, so I am assuming even if there are delays, it will be open and will definately need a fast pass.