Fastpass+ help please!

Can anyone comment on FP+ availability for EP for 6/27 (Test Track, Soarin’, Spaceship E), MK for 6/28 (7 Dwarfs, Big TM, Splash M), and HS for 6/30 (Toy Story and TOT)? I am currently booked for a different week, and cannot see FP+ for this week without letting go of my existing FP’s. Afraid to change weeks and later find out there are no FP’s available. Thanks so much!

Sorry, forgot to add that we have a party of 4.

You can check availability yourself as long as you don’t click the final submit/confirm button. Yes, it gives you that warning up front, but as long as you don’t complete the process, you won’t replace them

Thanks, but since I am currently holding FP’s for all of my ticketed days, I don’t think the system will allow me to check another day unless I cancel one of my existing days, or purchase another ticket.

You can use the replace option. It will ask you to pick a day to replace, but as long as you don’t confirm 3 new fpps, it won’t actually replace those original ones

I need some guidance. When I go into the Fastpass+ screen, it gives me 3 options…“New Fastpass+”, “Update Fastpass+”, or “Cancel Fastpass+”. The first 2 options do not allow me to change the date. I am afraid to put a check mark on the Cancel screen, because I don’t want to lose the ones I’ve got. Is this where you are saying I will get a “Replace” option? I don’t see it. Can you step me through this? Thanks for your help!

Since I don’t have any valid tickets right now, I can’t try it myself, but from what I remember:
if you select new, then pick a new date, it will prompt you that you are out of valid days so you’ll have to replace a day.
Pick any day (though preferably one without a hot ticket item like A&E, just in case something goes wrong), it will ask you to confirm that you don’t want any on the old day. Pick confirm then look for a new set of fpp.
It will then ask you to confirm you want the new selections. This is where you must hit cancel to avoid actually changing anything. After you hour cancel, you should still have the original ones