Fastpass help for a larger group

I have been to WDW over a dozen times the last 3 years. All these trips it has just been myself and my wife. This December we were able to get much of the family to join us. I know what attractions to get FP for and what time I would like to get them. I love the planning and am somewhat of a control freak when it comes to Disney. My question is this. We have 11 people going, what would be the best plan of attack to get my Fastpass selections? Should I try to get all 11 at once or should I break it into smaller groups? Starting to feel the pressure to get right so any advise would be great.

Smaller groups, with over lapping times.


Ditto - this is the strategy that other Liners have successfully used.

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For spring break (April) I was managing a group of 10. I was on right at 6am CST and hand no issues booking our day 2 on for the whole group of 10 at once. When we did our day of FP, 4th, 5th, etc we did break into smaller groups with overlapping times. FOP was not open at the time but we did get 7DMT and FEA party if 10 without any issues right at day 60 plus 2 (MK) and plus 4 (EP)

Thanks so much AuntB. Good to know it could be possible to get them all at once. I am not even counting on getting FOP. For our trip in September I was only able to get it on one day and the crowd levels are a lot lower in Sept. I would like to get Navi River and do FOP as SB.