Fastpass Gurus: Can I swap out the people in a FP party?

I managed to grab SDD FP for 3 people at 8:30AM. I also got TSM for 4 people at 12:20PM. But I’m an idiot and the wrong people are in the wrong groups. The three people who have the SDD FP assigned won’t be in the park until later that day. Is there a way I can swap who is in which FP group without losing our spots? Thanks!

Short answer, no. They took away the ability to swap people on the app or website. A CM may be able to do it for you. The other option is to drop and try to pick them up right away, but that’s risky.

If you’re running a really old version of MDE, then there’s still an option to “Change Party.” Disney removed this functionality from the app a while ago.

If you’ve kept your MDE reasonably up to date, then you have a couple options. The first would be to call Disney and see if they can re-assign the FPPs to the people you’d like. I’d guess that would probably work. Your other option would be to try to access an old version of MDE. If you’re really committed to doing this, then take a look at something @JJTwrote over the summer -

[This may look complicated, but if you scroll down a bit, then you’ll find he wrote detailed instructions explaining what to do]


Thanks. That’s really helpful. I think I’ll try the route of calling Disney first and then if they can’t do it maybe trying the old version of the app. Obviously wouldn’t be the end of the world if we couldn’t do the ride, I’m just kicking myself for not paying closer attention! (Will report back if I find a solution).

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Update: I called Disney and they very nicely changed it for me!