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Have recently made our 60 day FP selections. Fairly happy but want to make some tweaks (for HS). Have tried for the last few days but the available hours don’t suit. And the available hours have not changed for a while. Does anyone know if the available hours are changed, refreshed, updated by Disney over time or is it all dependent on other users changing/cancelling them (or luck)?

Hi, I just made our 60 day fast passes Tuesday and I’ve been able to move my Magic Kingdom ones around but definitely not Hollywood Studios. I grabbed what I could. Last week of March is going to be super busy for spring break.

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Disney do update their hours but usually closer to the trip. It’s usually updated around 15th of the previous month, so if your trip is at the start of a month you get 2 weeks notice. At busy times they may increase hours very last minute.

Keep searching for FPs in the meantime, people’s plans do change and it’s usually possible to adjust. More difficult of course if you’re talking about Smuggler’s Run, FOP etc. People will hang on to those.