FastPass Frozen Sing Along at DHS?

Frozen sing along is a super top priority for us. Our current TP has us leaving Voyage of the Little Mermaid at 12:22 for a 12:30 Frozen show. Is it possible to make the show and will FP help? This is on a CL6 day.

Personally I don’t let my TPs cut it close like that for shows; I don’t want to be stressed during my trip (well, I try to minimize stress as much as possible, let’s be realistic). Looking forward to read other peoples’ opinions.

I also think that’s too close. TPs are only approximate and 12:22 could easily end up being 15 min off, making you miss Frozen. Can you re-arrange your TP to give you more time? or have a plan B in mind in case you miss the 12:30 show?

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I was having the same issue with my TP for DHS. I switched things up to give myself more time. Planning to get in line for 12:30 show a little before 12 and use that time to eat a packed lunch.

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I may have to rethink this. I was really hoping this step would work in this order, but it sounds like it’s just too risky. Frozen Sing Along is one of the attractions my kids are looking forward to the most.

I would prioritize Frozen and fit in VLM elsewhere as that one has a bunch of show times.
I think for Frozen, you can probably arrive just 5-10 minutes before (at least in my experience) but starting your trek over there with only 8 minutes before the show in the best case scenario seems too risky.

By 12:22, the Fastpass window will have already ended and the cast members will have started letting standby people in for the show. Essentially, your Fastpass would be useless by then. For shows, you still have to arrive REALLY early in order to utilize a FP, and the FP essentially lets you pick the best seats since you’re getting in before the standby guests. But it does not guarantee your entrance if you show up late.

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