Fastpass Frozen Ever After?

Trying to plan our day at HS. Would you suggest using FP+ for Frozen Ever After? We are going in the summer so it will be busy. Just thought it might be better than some other options. Will do Toy Story and Tower of Terror.

I would say not unless you have nothing better to use it on. It fits quite a lot of people and has been out long enough now that it isn’t going to be any busier than any other attraction. We used one when it first came out and the place was half empty.

Confused. “Frozen Ever After” is the ride that will be opening in EP. For that, you will definitely want an FPP. If you are referring to the Frozen show at DHS, I would say that ST would probably be the better use of an FPP, given the big Star Wars push that’s going on at DHS.

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