Fastpass Freak-out

Tonight is my fastpass date. I have 6-day MYW tickets (I think). When I log into the MDE app on my iPad, I see 6 day tickets for each member of my party, next to their icons. Great!

When I log into the MDE app on my phone (Android), I see that I have 2 sets of 6-day tickets, DH has 2 sets of 6-day tickets, and no sign of tickets for DS. Hrm.

What concerns me is that the website shows NO TICKETS for any of us. Under “Tickets and Passes,” the website says “We’re sorry. We encountered a problem retrieving one or more of your tickets. Please try again later.”

I am NOT trying to book fastpasses yet - this is not at the FP screen, this is under “My reservations and tickets.”

I am concerned because the website was less buggy than the app for me. iPad app seems to show tickets, but I’d really prefer if the website did, too.

I am also concerned because of my TA. We had initially booked room + tickets for Jan. 4-9. Then discount came out for Jan. 5 onward. She changed this to a room-only Jan. 4, package from Jan. 5-9, still 6-day tickets, but said that we couldn’t use tickets on arrival day of Jan. 4. That was not going to work for us, so she has transferred all tickets to the Jan. 4 night, and Jan. 5-9 is room-only. So I had to pay for night 1 plus tickets all at once in advance, because she says you have to pay one-night “packages” in full when booking. The Jan. 5-9 is a “room-only,” but somehow she says it still needs to be paid 45 days in advance…?

I’m dubious of all my transactions with this TA, but at this point I’m wondering if I need to be worried about not seeing tickets on the website. Should I call? Will Disney even deal with me if I booked with a TA? TA never gets back to me (I know, I should never have worked with her, but by the time we started having problems, everything was time-intensive, to where I worried that I’d lose the discount if I tried to switch to someone else). Should I be totally freaking out at this point?

ETA: When I drag to refresh the MDE app on my phone, now it shows that the only tickets we have are for my son. Disney IT problems?

  1. Good sign that you paid for all tickets and the night #1 room only - this confirms you have tickets. Packages do not need to be paid in full when booked. You pay a $200 deposit and then payment in full is due 45 days from arrival.
  2. Room only requires a full one night deposit and then the balance is due upon arrival. So on this point you are being fed BS
  3. Your TA would not have the “power” to add them to your account. They “auto-magically” appear when you as an individual books them online because you select people from your group and link them as you complete the purchase transaction.

When you log into your My Disney Experience account from a computer (the most reliable in my opinion) and you choose “My reservations and tickets” you should see your resort reservations (you should have 2) and then in the next section tickets. Sounds like you do not. You should have a receipt email with your ticket numbers and you can then manually add the tickets to the people you have set up in your account. You should see tickets listed per person like this: (below) If not call your TA, call their manager and do not stop until you get the ticket number from them. Did you pay the travel agency or did they use your credit card and you were charged directly by Disney?

  1. I did pay the TA for tickets in advance, but have some concerns about the TA, see below.
  2. Agree that I don’t understand why Jan. 5-9 is showing as a package instead of room-only
  3. I didn’t buy the tickets myself, the TA handled.

Here is what I am seeing:

I called Disney, they said “that’s weird.” Tickets are showing in MDE app on iPad, not on website.

Other issue, though, is that TA collected payment in full for the tickets when booking the Jan. 4 RO reservation, and says they’re linked to Jan. 4 (should be 6-day MYW). Disney says tickets are linked to Jan. 5 reservation, can’t be used on Jan. 4, and that I can’t book FP+ 60 days before Jan. 4.

Disney also raised flag of why TA would have collected the ticket price at time of booking, if the tickets are on the Jan. 5 package, then they should be paid 45 days in advance. That’s part of the concern at this point - was it legit for her to collect that money? Combined with the disappearing ticket thing, it is unnecessarily freaking me out. Also, Jan. 5-9 should be booked as RO, if the tickets are associated with Jan. 4, but the booking is showing Jan. 5-9 as a package and our payment in full is due Nov. 20, not at time of stay.

Arghh, this is stressing me out.

You can’t transfer tickets from a package to the room-only. Sounds like your TA is feeding you BS. I would request a refund and book with Disney or a better TA.

I’m trying to wrap my head around all this, so bear with me.

but it looks like the TA never made the change to the reservations. Tickets can’t just be swapped. So it likely would’ve involved canceling and rebooking or refunding the tickets on one reservation and then adding it to the other.

Here’s where it gets funky…

The one night room only would have to be paid in full because room only’s require a one night’s deposit. So that’s why that was due in full at time of booking.

Adding the tickets would have turned it into a package and the full payment would’ve been deemed a deposit and the remainder due 45 days prior to arrival.

Then for the second jan 5-9 reservation, taking off the tickets is not that difficult and would have made it a room only reservation. I’ve done this with relative ease with some smart CMs, however, It may have required a cancel and rebook due to the discount promotion and perhaps the room wasnt technically available. It’s a possibility. Either way, if the TA couldn’t make the changes you wanted or was having issues, that should’ve been communicated to you.

So based on the image above, it seems that the changes you wanted weren’t made.

That said, if I’m not mistaken, guests have been able to activate their tickets up to a day before their package at guest relations once onsite. However that doesn’t entirely help your FPP situation.

You may want to make your important FPPs for later in the trip, activate your tickets early, and use to app or kiosks or concierge to help you make some FPPs day of arrival.

Now that TP has the FPP availability feature, you can kinda see what’s available now.

I hope that helps a bit.

Thanks, Darth. we had to book a different room category to get the discount for Jan 5-9 (woods view), so not sure why this is a package. We’re not doing S/P/D.

Is there any reason why I couldn’t cancel/refund tickets and just have 2 RO reservations, then buy 6 day tics from Disney or UT?

Darth, do you know if there’s a financial reason for this TA to insist that we book a package? I very explicitly said I don’t want/need a package if it would restrict when we could use tickets.


I’ve been giving my TA a really hard time for nothing, apparently.

I was able to get all my FPs booked, starting with Jan. 4.


I got 7DMT on Jan. 4. 7DMT AGAIN on Jan. 7, kiddo’s 5th birthday. And Wishes FP that same day!

Super awesome!

ETA: The website still says I have no tickets, but I booked FPs on the website…?

Buying the tickets the same time as booking the reservation is what changed it to a package. A “package” doesn’t necessarily need to include dining (free, discounted or regular).

I can’t speak for the TA and, to play Devils advocate, the TA may not have known to leave the tickets off and had you get them later.

As for financial reasons, unless the TA is affiliated with UT or has some agreement with them, TAs only get commission on tickets purchased through Disney directly. So it benefits us a little bit more to have clients get the tickets directly with us rather than UT. But it’s not a significant amount. Often it’s just convenience for the client to have everything done at the same time.


ETA: I wrote this and my browser crashed before I could finish. So I didn’t see the update above.

weird… but happy it worked out!

So, still showing no tickets on the Disney website, tickets only for me and DS on my phone app, but tickets for all 3 of us on my iPad app.

TA said that she called Disney and they could not find tickets and could not give her a receipt number.

But I have FPs booked and see tickets in the iPad app, so I guess I’m okay…?

Log out of the app on your phone and log back in, same on the iPad.

TA should be the one freaking out if she called Disney and they could not find tickets?

MDE is seriously messed up across the platforms. Magic had a good idea. Log out of MDE on everything. Clear the cache on all the devices and re-login. See if that helps.

I’m confused even more now about the TA thing. there wouldn’t be a receipt number for the tickets because technically they are part of the package. the confirmation# you have is for the room and the tickets. Disney should be able to find the tickets using the confirmation number. Packages have the smaller number/letter combo. Room Only’s will have the longer numerical only confirmation number.

Your TA should be able to go into the Disney TA site and look up your reservations using the confirmation numbers and see exactly what’s on each reservation. Also, there’s a way for the TA to save or print out the confirmation and send it to you.

I’m by no means saying this TA is shady. I’m just thinking perhaps that the TA might not be fully aware of the resources available.

I hope that helps a bit. Good luck!

Room only reservations CAN have ticket orders added to them without converting to a package. It’s just a ticket order being added. These do require payment up front for the ticket purchase. Also, they are NOTORIOUS for not displaying correctly in MDE. It looks as if there is no ticket available, yet Fastpass+ selections can be made. It’s frustrating, but just a display issue.