Fastpass for Smugglers run on day___?

What day of your trip were you able to get a Smugglers run FastPass? We are going to HS on day 5 of our trip. Just wondering if I stand a chance.

This website is very useful.

They did just dump some FPP for March so you will see some availability there but typically there won’t be anything less than 60 days.

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This is exactly right. If you’re not staying somewhere to get the 60 day FP booking benefits, you’re unlikely to find any Tier-1 FPs left at HS by day <= 55.

I was personally disappointed and a little surprised that Disney doesn’t reserve ANY FP to drop especially for the 30 day FP interval.

The park opening hours change was lucky for us, otherwise we would have had zero Tier 1.

No, Disney never reserves FPP for 30 days out. That’s the big incentive to stay onsite.