Fastpass + for shows

Hi all, this is our family’s first walt disney world holiday and could really use some advice regarding Fastpass+ for shows.
Basically, if I book our fast passes for a show, eg disney junior or the frozen sing along, do I still have to arrive early or are we guaranteed seats etc?
Cheers in advance,

You would still have to arrive a little early since the FP time usually ends about 10 minutes before the show. I do believe it would guarantee you a seat, but if you want front row you should get there very early in the window.

Agreed. Which is why people often dissuade others from using a FPP slot for a show or parade or fireworks – you still have to get there early to get a good spot. Still, if you have FastPasses to spare, or a super busy schedule, have at it! :mouse::european_castle::fireworks:

Thanks for your help guys.
So looking forward to this holiday, I just want it all to go as smoothly as possible. At least the bits i can control, anyway! :smile:

I would recommend against using for shows…

You are going to have a blast. We went in April/May, and it was like a magic trick, short line after short line while others were struggling.


Arrive at the park for Rope Drop
Hit 1 -3 (depending) popular rides immediately without FPP.
Have your 3 FPP lined up for to be used as early as possible, and only for attraction that get big lines
After using the 3 FPP, head to the kiosks and start lining up #4, #5, etc.

This might sound involved, but if you are prepared it will go off quite smoothly, with no stress, and no one in your party will feel rushed or that you are being a dictator. In fact, they will appreciate the fact that they don’t have to worry about “what’s next” because you’ll always have the answer. Plus a properly optimized Touring Plan will likely have you ahead (rather than behind) schedule, so you’ll have time to smell the roses.