FastPass + for Resort Guest.. better to book them all early?

I read that we can only select 3 upfront 60days b4 if we are resort guests and cannot ‘add’ another until the day of, ‘after’ all 3 fastpasses are used (that’s my understanding?)

If that is the case, shouldn’t we try to use up the fast passes earlier in the day so we can get another one before it’s sold out for the day? Or perhaps my understanding of the limitation of getting new fastpass was wrong?

I think you have it mostly, except for extra quotes that are not making any sense. :smile:

Everybody with a ticket can get 3 FastPass+'s per day. If you have multi-day tickets, you get 3 per day of ticket. If you are staying onsite, you can book them at 60 days. If you’re off-site, you can only book your 3 FPP 30 days early. Also, if you’re on-site, you can book for 10 days of your vacation starting at 60 days from the start of your vacation. You definitely want to book your 3 a day as early as you can.

To get a 4th FPP for a day, you have to use your first 3. That would be the day you are in the park.

If you book them for early in the day, you have a better selection for the 4th and beyond, but no guarantees. On the other hand, crowds are generally lower during the first 2 hours, so some people suggest aiming for the first FastPass at 2 hours after the park opens.

capn_ed, I read different variations of what you said. Just to be sure I understand correctly, we are onsite for six nights, with 5 day tickets. When our 60 day-out comes up, I can book 3 FFP for Day 1 (MK), 3 for day 2(EP), 3 for day 4 (MK) and so on? ?

Someone earlier in the planning process said only 3 at a time…use 3 then do same day FPP request for other days.

Appreciate the feedback.

“dimm-witted” Joe

Yes, that is correct. And because FP for Frozen ever after is in such high demand, you may want to have your Epcot day as far out as possible when you make those FPs on your 60-day mark. Same with 7DMT, but to a much lesser extent. The rest of the FPs for your entire trip should be easy to get at 60 days out, counted from the day of your arrival, at 7 AM Eastern time.

You are on-site, and you have less than 10 days to book, so you can get 3x5=15 FastPasses, and you can book them all 60 days before your vacation. You can pick 3 per park day, one at a time, and the 3 you pick for a given day have to be all in the same park, and the times can’t overlap. Figure out what that 60 day mark is, and have a plan ready to book when your reservation window opens at 7 AM Eastern time on that day. Be logged in and ready to go. It does matter if you want a hard-to-get one or particular times.

You don’t have to book them in the order you will use them, or one day at a time, and if you want to ride Frozen Ever After or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, you should book those before other things. If you have more than one Epcot day, maybe plan on doing Frozen the later day.

The Touring Plans website has a bunch of information about FastPass+:

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Thank you so much capn_ed, that is a relief. The other thread must’ve been for someone staying just one day. This just lowered my stress level ten-fold.