Fastpass for parade

We will have tickets for the Not so Scary Halloween Party. I understand that you can use fastpass to get a good viewing spot for the parades. I won’t have a park ticket for this day, but the special ticket for the party. Is fastpass available on this ticket? And can you use fastpass to get a good spot for the parade? We have young children and it would be tough to get a good spot an hour before the parade and keep them from getting antsy. Hoping this might be a good solution. Also, does anyone know what time the paradestarts for the party? I cannot find anything about what time the parade starts.

There aren’t any Fastpasses being offered during the special events like Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party starting at 7:00 PM. However you can get FastPass for attractions from 4:00 to 7:00 if you’ve linked your party ticket to My Disney Experience… In addition Disney has removed parades and fireworks from the list of events that you can obtain a Fastpass for.

From what I can find the 2015 Mickey’s Boo to You parade started at 8:35 & 11:15, I’d expect this year to be similar times.


Thank you, that is probably why I did not find much information about using Fastpass for the parades.