FastPass+ for OffSite Disney Guests- Reservations only one 30 day at a time

Hi! We are 30 days from our trip. I went online to book FastPass+ at 12:01 am and discovered that although the system knows I have 8 day passes, I am only allowed to book the one day that is 30 days away. I will have to go on each day as it becomes 30 days. I called Disney and learned that onsite Disney guests get to book their Fastpasses no only 60 days in advance, but for all the days of their vacation from the first 60 day mark. Just so everyone out there knows - this is not true for the 30 day guests. An extra layer of manipulation to ‘encourage’ guests to stay on a Disney property.

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That’s business. Disney’s goal is to have people onsite. Makes total sense that people who are spending the cash with Disney would get perks.


I had never read anywhere that the FastPass+ booking thing was so different for 30 day advance. I assumed that I could book all my 8 days at the 30 day mark and the site even shows in the legend a possible check mark symbol for the ‘first day eligible’. Since it was confusing to me that I could only book 1 day, I thought I’d post to alert others.

Yep, I had to sit readily at my computer at 11p.m.(we are in diff time zone as Disney) every night for 7 days!!! One of the prices you pay for saving some cash by staying offsite :slight_smile: