Fastpass for Illuminations

I am scheduling my day at Epcot and it is recommending using a FastPass for Illuminations, but not for Spaceship Earth. We plan to do SE first thing in the morning, could this be why?
Is the FastPass beneficial for Illuminations?

I would not use my tier one FPP for illuminations. I would use it for frozen, soaring, or test track. Do you have those attractions in your touring plan?


Don’t use FP for SE. Most first time visitors to Epcot flock to SE first. If you wait an hour or two there is no line at all. Definitely use FP for Frozen. Soarin wait has gotten shorter with the introduction of the 3rd line so FP not as critical as in the past. No FP required for Illuminations. You can see it from many places around the lake.

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Hmmm…I don’t even know what to use my FP for at this point. I’m splitting Epcot down the middle, so the first day I have FP for Soarin, Illuminations, and Meet Disney Characters.

You can’t have Soarin and Illuminations, they are both tier 1 rides. Illuminations is easy to watch from all over World Showcase, use your tier 1 for Soarin.


What about for Fantasmic? There are so many suggestion FP’s at HS, I don’t know which are the best to use them for.

We prefer a dining package for Fantasmic as that’s where the best seats are (center). We get FPP for Toy Story, Tower of Terror and Star Tours at HS. Rope drop Rock Coaster.

I don’t actually think we are doing Rock Coaster. Are we crazy not to?

What are the restaurant options for the Fantasmic Dining?

It’s my favorite of the coasters in all 4 parks, so yeah I wouldn’t miss it. Great fun!

Hollywood Brown Derby, Mama Melrose’s and Hollywood & Vine.

Rock n Roller Coaster is amazing, it’s one of WDW’s few genuine thrill rides.

For Epcot I would do the FP for Frozen on day 1 and TT on day 2. Unless you have no issue doing single rider on TT then switch it for Soaring. The characters are a good second FP. Doesn’t make a huge difference for the rest unless it is busy.

HS: FP Toy Story. Rope Drop if possible R&R. It is definitely worth going on if you like coasters. Tower of Terror is probably the next FP to grab. Maybe Star Tours after that. The dining package for Fantasmic can get you great seats if you do not mind spending the money. H&V is character dining but the food was terrible for us.


For the first day, how about Soarin, Spaceship Earth, and Meet Characters? That way you can be somewhat assured of short line at SE without having to outsmart the crowds. Second day you could do Frozen, Mission Space, and try to Rope Drop or use the Single Rider line for Test Track. Just a suggestion!