Fastpass for Baymax?

Is there a FPP for Baymax at Epcot? Are Joy and Sadness at the same M&G location as Baymax?

I’m not sure if Joy and Sadness are at Epcot anymore.
Baymax is listed as being at the Epcot Character Spot, but I’m have no idea if FPP for the Character Spot includes Baymax, or just Mickey, Minnie and Goofy.
This gives you the full list of what characters can be seen (not necessarily for a meet and greet) and where/when:

There was not a FastPass for Baymax on Thursday when we were there. The FP for the character spot only included Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. Joy and Sadness were not with Baymax. Don’t know if they were anywhere else though.

The FPP for the Character Spot is for Mickey, Minnie & Goofy as was stated above; however, across the walkway there are two meets, when you walk in Baymax is on the left clearly visible and the line for Joy & Sadness is on the right but they are hidden behind a wall, but you’ll see a large crowd of people lined up. We waited 40 min just after RD and saw only Joy. The line has gotten up to 2 hrs from what I heard while we were there.

EDIT: Just wanted to add the wait for Baymax was never very long. We waited 20 minutes and we never saw it get very large. Mostly because Baymax doesn’t sign or talk so it’s just a quick picture opp with maybe a hug.

I’m glad you didn’t say it was fast.

Baymax is not fast :wink:


We were just there… Baymax was maybe 10-15 min wait on crowded day… Joy and sadness are directly across from syntax beet and greet… Tried several times to see them, waited 30 min and gas barely moved in line… See them rope drop or plan on 60-90 min wait…

Autocorrect struck… Syntax meant Baymax

Please tell me you get the “not fast” part of my reply.

Since that was the point of my replying at all.

I have zero first-hand information about this meet/greet

But I do know with 100% certainty that Baymax is not fast.


I am not fast.

We say it all the time at our house. And there is lots of whispering “we jumped out a window” when I shush the kiddos. :slight_smile:


Hehe I didn’t even plan it to come out that way, but you are right!

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Oooh, my kids are that into characters but they LOVE Baymax…where do I go for that? The Epcot character spot? Do I have to have a FP+ or can we just turn up? Can you go in just to see Baymax and not to see the others so as not to wait very long? The characters just walked around in my day, not sure how all the FP+ for characters works.


Still works the same as above. No fastpass for Baymax or Joy and Sadness. Baymax is a separate line.

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Not sure if we just hit it right or what, but there was only one family in front of us this past Saturday in the Baymax line. It was pretty sweet. He is very squishy :slight_smile:

ETA: CL6, visited around 2p

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There are three (3!!) Character Spots, all right near each other. The one that offers FP is Mickey/Minnie/Goofy. There’s a separate space and separate line for Joy and Sadness, and they have a slowish line, because they sign autographs. There’s another separate space and separate line for Baymax, which goes faster, because he doesn’t sign.

The best info I’ve found on this whole situation is this post on some grinchy guy’s Disney blog:
Josh from EasyWDW This real grouch I’ve never heard of before has pictures of the breezeway where the entrances to the various Character Spots are, and the meet & greet areas.