FastPass Down

Our FastPass window is open for our next trip and I couldn’t make FastPasses this morning. The system wouldn’t load options after I picked the park for the day. Is anyone else experiencing this? What do you think it means. Is Disney World going to reopen without FastPasses or is this just a technical glitch.

All reservation systems have been switched off, as it were.

The announcement yesterday on the Disney Parks Blog said they were pausing resort and ticket booking. But they’ve actually shut everything down for now.

The plan, presumably, is to have those who already have stays booked to be able to book their park days first. Obviously people will book for whatever park they already have FPs and ADRs for. And Disney will be hoping that will allow for reduced capcity at restauarants etc without having to cancel reservations for onsite guests.

After that they may open it up to local AP holders. And then those who maybe have FPs and ADRs already booked.

And then open up any remaining FP and ADR capacity to others. Again in the hope that if people can’t get the reservations they want that they will cancel, this achieving resort capacity reductions.


My FP’s all disappeared this morning. I think they might be clearing them out, and would be surprised if anybody can make them anytime soon.

For when?

Sorry, important detail. July 16-20

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I spoke to my TA this morning, I was told that there was an update/change going on to the system and that it should be up at noon. However, it is now past noon and it is not up currently.

Wouldn’t be surprised if they make you have a park reservation to make fastpasses for a date.

I was hoping for the reverse, that if you had FP’s booked for a date already, that would give you a reservation for that date in that park, or at least give you priority to set it up that way.

Bob Chapek stated in an interview with Bloomberg yesterday that they are switching to a new reservation system and its going to take a little time

I’m guessing/hoping that the new system will integrate Resort Reservations with Park Reservations with FFP Reservations,

For the first time, Disney will manage park attendance through a new system that will require all guests to obtain advance reservations for entry. The details of this system will be announced soon. “It’s gonna take some time to take the millions of reservations that we’ve already got on the books and then switch that over to a new reservations system,” Disney CEO Bob Chapek told Bloomberg News.