FastPass+ Disaster- Help!

This is complicated, but I’m hoping for some advice:
Woke up to make my FP+ reservations last night and at the very last minute, I realized I hadn’t linked my tickets!
Most linked fine, but my niece’s gave me trouble- I had entered her as being 9, turning 10 before our trip. Because I bought an adult ticket for her, it wouldn’t link to her because she is listed as a child in MDE. I was freaking out because I NEEDED to do the FP+s, so the only thing I could think to do at the time was to create an alias for her in ‘Friends and Family’ as an adult, link the ticket to the alias and use that person to make FP+s.
Worked out great- was able to get everything I wanted for our group of 8, exactly when I wanted!
Now for the problem:
I ended up with 2 profiles of my niece in MDE, the original was linked to hotel/dining reservations and the alias was linked to the ticket and FP+S!!!
I fiddled around and was able to link the ticket to her original profile- now how do I get those FP+s changed to her original profile and not the alias one?

I would call disney IT and ask them if they can help. They were able to fix my problem with a mystery profile of myself that had me as an infant and added to all of my dining reservations.

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Do you have the number for disney IT? I have some old non-expire tickets on our accounts, and I want to use the newer tickets first, so I have to make sure they’re stacked right. Thanks.

WDW IT: 407-939-7765 or 407-939-4357


Thanks. I’ll give them a call. As usual, you are a font of information, @brklinck :smiley:

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Hi, I had that problem too, there was a me with the resort reservation and a me with the MDE account. ( I guess I did something wrong at the start!) I emailed it as a problem to IT (or perhaps filled In a contact Disney in the MDE app) and they sorted it out very quickly.

Called Disney IT # and they fixed it in 5 minutes- they merged the 2 profiles so that all of her FP+s carried over!
Thanks to all for help!

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Just a follow up on my stacked ticket issue: I called Disney IT and they said the front desk at my resort, or any ticket window could prioritize my tickets for me. I just have to ask when I get there.

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Just make sure that you monitor this - I have heard tales of woe about getting WDW to correctly prioritize tickets.

Yeah, we had the same problem in 2013 when they first came out with the magic bands. It took a while to straighten out, which is why I was trying to do it in advance.