Fastpass dilema

I was just reading on touring plans that they suggest putting everything you want to do in a customized plan and then optimize it and see where your fast passes should go. Well when I did that all the fast passes ended up later in the day,

My reasoning always was take your three fast passes early in the morning 9, 10, 11:00 and try to get more during the day. Last trip we did really good using 5-7 fast passes.
What do you think?

I agree. We tend to book our FPPs at 10, 11 and 12 so we can grab more.


I would do early but book for things with typical long waits. Might need to
Move things around.

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Wait times are lower in the morning, and you are only guaranteed three fast passes so that logic makes sense. If it was a low crowd day and you were at MK, you could knock out a ton of rides before 11 am and wait times start to get bigger.

My advice is to input all the attraction you want to do in your TP. Then hit Optimize. See the route it takes you and adjust to your preferences. (I won’t walk all the way from Space Mt to BTMRR just to save 10 minutes of queue time)

After you’ve put the steps in the order of your preference - press evaluate. Then you’ll see what FPP you need in the morning. IMHO you do not need a FPP for anything during the first hour of opening. You can typically ride 2 - 3 attractions if you are there for RD. (unless you are going during a peak time - like a holiday weekend)

I know some people want to knock out as many FPP as early as possible, but I start mine at 10am / 11am / 12pm and then get more. (but that’s just me)


I use the same strategy. TP functions on 3 FPP and doesn’t bank on you getting any SDFP so it will always recommend that you take advantage of low waits in morning and evening and use FPPs during the afternoon peak hours to shorten the longest waits.

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The software cannot assume you will get more fastpasses.
IMO, it’s better to understand which fastpasses YOU want in the am, then plug them into your tp after you get them, optimize, then customize to the order you’d like, and evaluate.

I love the software because it can be customized for the most part. You’ll be spending way too much money at Wallyworld to not customize what you’d like to do, and how you’d like to do it.


Thanks everyone, just confirms what I thought.

For us it depends on the park. For MK we tried to have the first three done by 1 or 2 so we could start using extras. There are so many rides with same-day at MK and we had two MK days so it was pretty easy to get FPPs for all the rides with the longest rides. For HS, we took the SDD later in the day (it was the only one available) since it has consistently long lines and is hard to get even at 60+ days. I picked two tier two attractions that I knew we wanted to see for sure just to use them up and hope for more tier one FPPs once we tap in for SDD. For EP we booked TT and two tier two rides nearby so we can use them up and try for another tier one.

Thanks Michelle, MK we seemed to get a lot of FP as well. But like you said you you can only get some when they are available like Slinky Dog, FoP, etc. Would be nice to get them for exactly the time you want!

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