Fastpass Day!

I just finished getting my Fastpasses. I’m excited I got everything that I wanted and about the same time that I wanted without any issues.


awesome! so glad you had a good experience!

Me too! Got everything except SDD (only available time at 60+3 was too late for us), but that’s ok since there will be a 3 hour EMH. Guess we are going at the same time, hope you have a great trip!!


Congratulations!! And to @threeprincessesfourprinces!!! That’s awesome!
What did you get?

Today was my FPP day too!! I also got everything I wanted.


Alright ya’ll, I just have to add that my FP day is my birthday! But Im doing 90 days out with CL upgrade. But still thinking thats got to be lucky, right?

Sounds doubly lucky to me!!

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I have 2 days at each park so I had 8 park days, plus a MNSSHP and MVMCP. I was able to get SDD, FOP, TOT, NRJ, and a lot more. I had 30 fastpasses to make this morning. I have a reservation for Droid Depot so I will be able to get into SWGE.

This is my first trip to WDW. I’m super excited!

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It is indeed an omen of good FP hunting!!!

I hope you love it as much as the rest of us!

I consider anything exciting happening on my birthday lucky!

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It’s going to be a great trip because: 1) you’re on this site, 2) you have all the tough ones in place already. YAAAAAAY!!!


Disney will be booking my FP’s. I wonder when I’ll get the notification. If I don’t get the one’s I truly want, maybe I can have them wait till the next day to notify me :joy:

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I have a feeling I will and will want to go back again soon :grinning:

Yep, this is how it starts, lol!