Fastpass+ confusion

So I am still a month out from booking fp+ and wanted to know if I can book a fp+ for the same ride at a different time? Tiered parks are also a bit confusing to me. We plan on park hopping and I can not figure out the best strategy for fp+. Example: epcot morning use fp+ for FEA, is it even worth it to go for tier 2 or go right to the next park for our fp+? We plan on driving to parks and rope dropping, break at hotel, onto the next park around 4 or 5, if that helps give me advice. Thanks for reading all of that, let the advice begin!!

No, you can’t book another FPP for the same ride until you’ve used your first 3. I can’t really advise on your other question. I’ve just booked 3 in the park I’m going to, and will get others if there’s anything available afterwards, whether in the same park or another. I have no idea if it’s the best strategy. It probably depends what you want to ride.

You can only get one FP+ for a given ride with your initial selection of 3, and I think those 3 must be all in one park. The tiers at DHS and EPCOT work like this: You can get 1 Tier 1, and 2 Tier 2s with your initial booking.

You can book additional FP+'s after you use all 3 or after the last one expires, and the tier restrictions are gone, and you could get a ride you’ve already done, but don’t plan on there being much same-day availability.

Other than maybe saving your FP’s for your second park of the day, I wouldn’t worry about trying to score two tier 1 FP’s in a day. If you are a frequent visitor and are only interested in doing tier 1 attractions you could RD TT, FP Soarin and then try and score a tier 1 in HS. If you’ve used one tier 1 in EP you can’t get another tier 1 in EP until your tier 2 times have passed, but you can get a tier 1 in HS. Hope that makes sense.

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Thanks for the feedback. It is easy to get caught up in all the forums without recognizing some ppl might live there and use it more than a family visiting for 1 week. We are lucky enough to get 4 fp+ since there was an issue in 180 +10 booking day. I will just make 4 and then decide when we are there what to go with. 109 days to go!!