FastPass Clarity

Can someone set me straight on this? I thought I had it clear, but I think I’ve read from other posts that I might be wrong.

Question1: Can you schedule a fastpass for park B if you are INSIDE Park A, and you have used all 3 of the fastpasses you have scheduled in Park A? Example: MK, checked in for your 3rd fastpass. While you are waiting in line, can you now snag a fastpass for Mission Space at Epcot while you are waiting in line at Magic Kingdom? I could have sworn I read that you have to be inside Park B to do get fastpasses at Park B.

Question2: Can you schedule a 3rd fastpass for Park B if you are inside Park A, and you CANCEL your third Fastpass in Park A, or do you STILL have to schedule your 3rd fastpass in Park A? Example: MK, you used your prev 2 Fastpasses already. You show up at Splash Mountain, and the wait is 10 minutes. Can you then Cancel that fastpass, and schedule a new one at a different park as your 3rd Fastpass of the day?

I have an AM EMH at AK on a low crowd level day. I scheduled fastpasses, but if I get to the park, and don’t need them, I’d like to figure out my options and see if I can snag some new ones at the park I’m hopping to later that day. If I can snag those fp at the evening park, I can rock out a touring plan for it as early as possible.

When the FPP system was first instituted, you could only make 4th FPPs, at kiosks, in the park you were currently in. Although I have not been since the system changed and 4th FPPs could be made on the app, I’m 90% certain that as long as your first 3 have cleared, then you can make a 4th for any park. I don’t know the answer to the cancellation question, and I don’t want to take a guess.

But I’m sure that someone with recent experience will clarify this… :slight_smile:

For question 1, I think you can book passes in Park B on the app, but I don’t know with certainty.
For question 2, what I’ve read is that you have to use the first 3 in one park, then you can book them in another park.
For question 3, I think you can cancel all 3 and then book 3 for another park, although availability might be sucky.

With the new system you do not have to book 3 FPs. For example on my arrival day I wanted to see Soarin before I went to MK for MNSSHP. I booked Pixar and Soarin. Once I scanned my 2nd FP (Soarin) in line I made FPs for MK.

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Question 1 yes you can schedule your 4th FPP at any park of your choice after scanning your last prescheduled FPP

Question 2 yes. You are no longer required to schedule and use 3 FPP before scheduling SAME day FPP at another park. So I could schedule FEA FPP at Ep and then immediately after scanning schedule 2 FPP for MK.

I did not personally try scheduling three using two and cancelling one so not 100% sure about how MDE reacts to that but for sure I have scheduled 1 and then did same day different park for the other two. Seems like to me that canceling should not cause an issue but MDE does not always function as expected.

WOW…thank you so much for all the clear answers. We haven’t been since the ability to book on the app. Lots to figure out.

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AuntB -
AWESOME. Thank you so much. If my brain is functioning properly, I think I can hope to not need all of my fastpasses at Animal Kingdom, and then schedule 3, 2, or 1 FP at Epcot for that night while I’m inside AK. The hope is, I can decide early enough based on how we are doing/crowd levels to snag the ones for later while (if) they are still available. Hoping for a Soarin’ or TT. If crowd levels are fantastic, I can make a judgement call and cancel them.

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I’ve read that while you can schedule another FPP in another park, you can’t schedule another Tier 1 attraction in the same park until you’ve used all 3.

Yes this is true.

So if I only schedule 1 FP+ at Epcot (Tier 1, obviously), will I be able to book another Tier 1 for later in the day after I use that 1, or do I actually need to schedule and get through 3 in order to get a second Tier 1?

Same park, must use or expire two tier 2 to book another tier 1. Different park, yes can book another tier 1 immediately