Fastpass booking w/ a nonticketed infant

So just thinking ahead. I’ve never booked with online fastpasses/Magic Bands. My one year old doesn’t have a ticket, but counts for all the reservations, etc. Does she count when making fastpasses? Will they even scan her MB? Just need to know when I book if I need to book 5 or 6 passes for our party. Thanks!

You won’t be able to book FPs for someone without a ticket, but she doesn’t need one. She can go with you. They won’t scan her band.


Are you considering rider swap as well? If so, that should be considered, as certain attractions will only require one FP.

Yes we are going to do some rider swap. It makes fast passes a little more complicated!

Just be aware that some people have reported that they needed a fastpass for everyone who wants to ride using rider swap (not the tot, all those with tickets).

It seems this might just be some CMs, so difficult to assess if it’s a general clamp-down.

Well that complicates things. How am I supposed to plan if they aren’t being consistent!?

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We have never seen the issues that some have reported and we use rider swap for every trip. That is not to say they may not exist. We have seen consistency in the past few years at all four parks. We will plan our FPs to use only one on rides that offer rider swap. Then we maximize FP use. If doubt creeps in to your mind, schedule both people and change the one not needed on the spot. There are multiple approaches. Remember, things happen and plans sometimes change due to circumstances beyond our control. Relax, adapt and overcome.