Fastpass+ before MVMCP

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The DH and I will be touring MK before (9-4) and during the MVMCP (4-12). We aren’t afternoon nap kind of people. Is it true that with the party tickets on a dummy account that I can make the party FP+ reservations earlier in the day and really have 6+ FP+ for that day?

I would plan to get these harder ones on my regular account at 60 days out:

  1. Space Mountain

  2. 7DMT

  3. Peter Pan

And then I would try for some lower demanded attractions at 30 days out on my party card.

Is this possible? Is there anyone out there trying to do this with the MNSSHP that would care to report back?

Thanks Liners! Only 88 more days for us!

Yes it is true!

You are not the first to ask this question so I am sure there are some other liners thinking about and doing this. Hopefully a few will chime in here!

Following this too! I just recently heard that Disney is taking measures to prevent people double dipping w/ FPP. I don’t know how, perhaps not letting an account (in this case dummy accounts) book FPP only on a party ticket? Would like to see how it works out if anyone is trying!

I think the crack down is on the non ticketed MB or expired Cards being used for same day FP reservations. I don’t think there is any intent to take away FPP for the party tickets but time will tell.

Listen to the most recent Backside of Magic Podcast for information about this.

@Sam2071 what’s the episode title? I am trying to find it .

Episode 33. It was a question asked by me about this subject that they answered.

Interesting. Where did you hear this?


I have a party day in 2 weeks. Got FPP 60 day for am including 7DMT. Got dummy acct w 30d FPP for less popular…pirates, buzz (had jungle cruise but exchanged for a Town Hall Mickey). Decided not to get HM and go during party for the xtra Madame Liotta “greet”. Peter Pan and 7dwarves gone by 30d…most others were available at least once, but may not have lined up exactly at 3:30, 4:30, 5:30. Hope FPPs work w printed tickets! Good luck to you.

Bumping for any first hand knowledge. Specifically looking for whether we can use a Party FP+ for a time earlier in the morning.

What do you mean printed tickets? You need RFID for FPP: be it a magic band or plastic ticket.

Certainly yes.

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Yes you can use them as early as you like if you are already going to be in the park

Just did this today for mnsshp. Printed tickets at home off dummy account and made FPP 30d out. Today when in park for regular hrs I went to guest services and exchanged for cards with rfid capabilities. Used cards to enter park for party and cards to access rides with FPP. Incidentally, I did ask CM if I happened to be in the park at 3:30 when my 1st FPP was for (not having been thru front gate first to scan cards) if I could go ahead and access my FPP. The answer to that is no, but there are 4 stations throughout the park where a CM can do activate cards after 4pm. I can remember one in TL by Laugh Floor (this was closest to my buzz FPP) and another is at entrance to Main Street beneath train station.

CM was wrong. MB and cards don’t have to be scanned for entry to work with FPP.

I seem to remember the option of booking FPP in other parks as well. Hmm.