Fastpass availablity 60 days out

I have a 2 part question for the experts here.

So i have booked an affilate hotel that qualifies for the 60 day out fast pass booking.
Were staying May 15,16,17.

I can only book fastpass’s up to Arpil 3rd as of today
At March 15th when i am 60 days out from May 15th can i book fastpass’s all the way to May 17th?
And part 2, does all the dates in between open up for fastpass availability, such as may 1st?



You should be able to book for May 15-17 since you will have the 60 day FPP priveleges. I don’t believe it will unlock anything sooner since everything is date based.

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Even though its more then 60 days out?

Someone should correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it covers a 10 day span from your first resort day. This is how it works for on property stays, so I’m making an assumption that it works the same in your case.

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FP availability won’t open for 60 days out until you are 60 days out. Then it will open up for 60 plus number of days you are staying (so 60+2). However, for affiliate hotels, I think you only get 60 days. So, 60 days out, you can book FPPs for May 15. Then the next day, you can book FPPs for May 16, etc. I don’t believe affiliate hotels get 60+days, just 60 days. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong about that.)

I’m not sure you can schedule FPs at, say, 45 days unless you have a stay for those days. It is 30 days out for everyone except on-site guests.

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I’ve tried looking online and I’m having trouble getting a definitive answer on the 60+ piece. The good news is that you get 60 days. Worst case scenario you have to do FPPs three days in a row. Plan for the worst and hope for the best. (This is my Disney planning mantra)

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Thank you guys!

I will let you know in 10 days if its, 60 days or 60+ days…

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Firstly, 60 days out will be March 16th not 15th; it’s exactly 60 days not 2 calendar months.

Until this time last year, the window did open up all days in between your booking date and the start of your stay, but they stopped that. So if you want to book FPs for days before your check-in day you will have to wait until 30 days out.

Like the others, I’m not 100% certain if you get the length of stay at the affiliated resorts. Swan, Dolphin and SoG do, hopefully you will too.

For onsite resorts it opens up 14 days or length of stay, whichever is shortest, from check-in day.

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If the off site Hotel says it offers Disney‘s 60 day FPP, you can book FPP 60+ at 60 days before.

We stayed at the Hilton at Bonnet Creek in December and booked FPP at 60 days before for 60+8.


That’s great to hear; now we know we just need to remember! Because this question comes up every couple of weeks and no one is ever sure of the answer. :joy:


Perhaps it should be pinned?? Unless it already is.

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We’ll be staying in the Dolphin and I was able to book FPP+ for my entire stay at the 60 day mark, same as a Disney on-site.

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The 60+ length of stay worked for us in 2017 at the Swan. Luckily I had my whole plan worked out since I wasn’t expecting it. Thought it would be like dining, one day at a time.

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