FastPass+ Availability Middle of the Day

Planning to be in WDW next week and have been checking the Lines App for wait times. I note that around noon or so each day some lines are up to 90 minutes (Mine Train, Soarin’, etc.) but the Next FastPass+ is 12:05 or 12:10 pm. (only 5 to 10 minutes from then). Is it really the case that with those long lines people are not going to get the new FastPasses (after they use up their original 3)? Perhaps they have scheduled their 3 so that they are not completed prior to this time? Just wondering.

I think there are a lot of factors at play here.

I think that many stand in line (when they could be using FPP) because they have their third scheduled for late… really goes to show the enormous cost of using FPP on fireworks!

I think that there is a lot of ignorance re. the new system… I’ve written on this subject before, but to repeat: on our trip in April, we met people who were under the mistaken impression that you could ONLY get 3. After they use what they think is their last, they never go for #4, #5, etc., and instead start getting in these 90 minute lines.

I’ve been wondering the same thing, haven’t found any good answers for this. Example…
I use my scheduled 3 FP+ in MK during the morning, head to room for lunch & a break.
Walk over to HS (staying in BW villas) say around 3pm & go right to a Kiosk would it be possible for us to get RockNRoll? I’ve been checking TP app often throughout different times of the day and just about ALWAYS see Next FP+ with available times. Example. Right now 6/23/2015 @ 12:57pm in HS Rock Coaster next FP+ is showing 1:25pm.

I feel like I’m missing something… Would LOVE info about this!

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I does run out for certain things eventually. On a warm day in late afternoon, we were still seeing FPP available for Space Mountain, but they were all gone for Splash Mountain (for example).

So I can use my original 3 in one park then hop to a different park and get more (one at a time)? We just have to use a kiosk inside that park, yes? We are a family of 3 would it be hard to get 3 for the same time?

I’m not a real park hopper, someone else could better answer that question… but my understanding is that you can.

Your second question depends on a lot of things. How late in the day, how busy a day, and what the ride is.

Thank you, Crasstastic, That helps.

I’m terrible at being able to post links, but the TP blog has an article about this topic where they include a chart that shows by what time of day and what Crowd Level each rides FPP run out. It gives you a good idea of what will and will not be available for you if you look at a similar CL day to when you’ll be there. Go to TP website and search FPP availability. I’ll try to post link here:

evamarie320, that linked worked great, I missed that somehow, Thanks! But I am still confused (nothing new… LOL) I’m on TP app, looking at HS (under park where it list current wait times) Refresh time is 4:15pm crowd level is a 7 but it reads: (just putting the first thing I see)
Rock Coaster - expected: 68 min
- Posted: 50 min
- Must be 48" or taller
- Single Rider: 16 min
- Next FP+: 4:40pm

What is that Next FP+ mean exactly? Is it a general time for those that already have a FP for it but none are available?
Or are there really passes available for that time? (according to the link you sent HS Rock Coaster FP would be distributed & gone by 12pm on a crowd level of 7)
Thanks ALL for helping

Glad the link worked! This is purely a guess on my part, but The TP FPP data is for 1 FPP so perhaps there is availability for a party of one. More likely guess tho is that the TP data for FPP is not accurate. If you use the app and click on home and then FPP availability there has been a message for at least the past week that their FPP data is not available.

I noticed that, Thanks for your guess, I was thinking the same and that helped.